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The Son of a Preacherman: Speaking in Tongues goes live

Firstly, a sorry and a thank you. A sorry for the two-week gap in posts and a thank you to the overwhelming response I had to my post on Elly Nowell and Oxford University. It seemed to go a bit viral there for a while so a special thanks to all who posted and retweeted.

Today’s post is a bit different because there aren’t going to be as many words. Instead, it’s an audio post with a radio play that I worked on last summer. The play is called Speaking in Tongues, a domestic drama about a family thrown into turmoil when one of them falls ill. It’s been running in serialised form on the Cherwell website for the last three weeks and is available in its entirety on the Soundcloud player below. Oh, and I also do some acting in it (but not until right at the end.)

The play was great fun to work on and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out.

The next play in the series is called Amphibians. It’s written by me and is about a man who kills some newts. More on that soon.

Speaking in Tongues

Writer: Rob Williams
Producers: Loveday Wright & Tom Moyser

Cast (in order of appearance):

The Apologist – Dave Ralf
Michael – Richard O’Brien
Louise – Charlotte Geater
David – Rob Williams
Jennifer – Sarah Whitehouse
Terry – Jack Hackett
Billy – Tom Moyser

A few more details can be found here. With thanks to Oxide Radio and Cherwell Online.


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