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Under Northern Skies

One of my main jobs in Oxford’s student publications is as editor of Oxford University Poetry Society’s magazine, a pamphlet publication named Ash. I don’t mention it much on here, largely because I don’t write for it as a contributor. But as we’re calling for submissions for the next issue (and also currently looking for an assistant editor) I thought I’d pop my press release on here, knowing that there must be a lot of student journalists and writers who check this blog occasionally but who aren’t on the Poetry Soc’s mailing list.

Call for submissions –

Ash Magazine: ‘North’


In this term’s Ash magazine, we are looking to the north. We want northern lights and intrepid explorers, Russian oil tycoons and barbarous wastelands of the mind. From north London to north Oxford up to the Hebrides and sleighing to the north pole or on a farmstead in the Yorkshire dales.

But we also want you to orientate your compass from all sorts of places: everywhere has a north after all. Alternatively you can melt our theme away like an ice-cap and write on whatever you like. If you’ve got anything from a poem that’s anthologised nationally to a few stray stanzas on your laptop, give it a lick of (metaphorical) paint and send it in. We want to print the most exciting material from all across Oxford University’s poetry scene, whether you’re a student, resident or anyone who has come and gone through the society; whether you write in pentameter, prose-poetry, free verse or a some other form from a far away northern state, we’d like to read it.

Send all submissions and queries to:

Deadline for submissions was Saturday of 9th week, that’s 19th March 2011.

Ash is the termly magazine from the Oxford University Poetry Society and will be printed over the vacation for release right at the start of Trinity term. We have more space for poetry than other student publications and our magazines are like small, high quality pamphlets.

We are currently also looking for an assistant editor to help out during Trinity term – all experience considered.

Last term’s issue was a lot of fun to edit and we were lucky enough to have the real pick of the submissions – having to reject a few poems that were actually very good. If you write stuff, whether you like to shout about it or keep it quiet, it’s a great place to have your poetry displayed. And if you don’t get in we do offer general feedback as best we can to those whose work we can’t take.

Here are some cool things that might vaguely relate to the theme for anybody who needs inspiration:

Here’s something that’s incredibly fascinating.

Here’s something equally as exciting.

Here’s something funny.

And here’s something that’s just plain weird.

Best of luck with submissions!

Note: this may be self-explanatory but please replace the hash symbol in my email address with a dot.


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